Ray & Milda with the Hillesheims [3_3a]
Milda & Armorel Nagel [2_0a]
Milda & Herbert Nagel [2_1a]
Ralph and Donna Kristensen [2_5a]
Ray & Milda with Bill Azman & Family [3_0a]
Milda & Evelyn and Arvid Sternquist [2_4a]
Ray & Milda with the Trinity Sponsorship Group [2_28a]
Mary & Dick Locher [1_35a]
Milda with Andrew, Kristen and Sharon Schreiber [2_32a]
Ray & Milda with Charlotte and Arthur Beyer [2_29a]
Bill Aszman, Jeannie and Ed Pivarnik [2_31a]

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