Tim and Cathy's 1999 vacation

A running commentary about the trip. Click on each picture to see larger versions.
Leaving California - an exciting start...

This reminds me of "War of the Worlds" ...

In the flatlands, a traffic sign is noteworthy...

And a T intersection is a major event!

A bird shop was an interesting place to stop.

Windmills on hills (if you can make them out...)

Calico ghost town - we ran into a weekend event with a chili cookoff, music, etc.

They even had an arm wrestling championship.

The view from our Las Vegas hotel room.

On the way to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon at sunset.

Bryce Canyon is absolutely amazing.

This is the cabin we stayed in, at Bryce Canyon.

More Bryce - incredible formations and colors.

We took a half-day mule mule trip into Bryce Canyon.

Descending into Bryce Canyon on muleback.

It's hard to hold onto a camera and a saddle at the same time.

A steep drop-off and a tight corner.

A good view of one of the "tamer" cliff edges.

At the Cameron Trading Post, just outside the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the motel had a nice courtyard.

Entering the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon.

Santa Fe - the downtown plaza.

Meramac Caverns - real rocks but artificial lights.

Note: the photos from here on were taken with a different (better) digital camera, and there are higher-resolution versions available if you keep clicking on the images.

My brother's dogs are rambunctious, but very obedient when it comes time for a treat.

I come face to face with Midnight.

Leaving Illinois, going back home.

A very artistic shot.

Iowa on route 80.

The world's largest truck stop on I-80. On the trip, we saw a large number of the world's largest things.

A biker pack.

Easy rider lives.

That's a car on a pole.

A very large windmill. The world's largest, of course.

In the middle of the vast flatland, someone's building a bridge across the road.

We had completely forgotten how pretty clouds could be.

Coal trains were a common sight.

Arriving in Denver.

Denver has the most upscale shopping mall we've ever seen. This was some entertainment outside one of the restaurants.

And the mall's bathrooms even had internet access.

From Denver we went on to Boulder.

The University buildings in Boulder have very consistent stone work.

Possibly an oil rig, not sure.

On our way to Yellowstone National Park.

There was a lot of snow on the mountains in Yellowstone, and not a lot of traffic.

Yellowstone presented many opportunities for reflection.

Bison weren't bothered much by our presence.

There are tons of geysers and hot springs.

Water was flowing strong, everywhere.

We saw a fair bit of wildlife.

This bison was giving us the evil eye.

Rock formations left by hot springs.

Water water water water water water water water...

This is the cabin we stayed in at Yellowstone. Right next to Old Faithful.

A demonstration of arrow-making in the lobby of Old Faithful Inn.

The cavernous lobby of Old Faithful Inn, a log structure, is a very impressive sight.

A three-story-high stone fireplace, and a clock on it.

This is the outside of the Old Faithful Inn.

People waiting for Old Faithful.

Thar she blows.

Water water water water water water water water ...

Evidence of wildlife.

Arches made out of antlers are popular.

In Afton Wyoming, this arch of antlers spans a road, and is the worlds's largest (of course).

This large spring just bubbled up out of nowhere.

Sunset near Salt Lake City.

Salt aplenty.

In the middle of miles and miles of salt flats, this weird structure appeared. We didn't stop to find out what it was, but it was definitely the world's largest, whatever it was.

Bonneville salt flats.

And we arrived home. Over 5000 miles, and only one speeding ticket.

Tim and Cathy, May, 1999.