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In the late 1980's and early 1990's, the Mostly MIDI Mailing List (MMML) put togther a series of five cassette tapes with compositions by members of the mailing list. Duane Bowker compiled the first four tapes, Bill Fox compiled the last one, and Neil Weinstock, Topher Gayle, and Greg Youngdahl made significant contributions along the way. The music, although leaning heavily to the electronic side, contains a wide variety of styles and techniques. Everyone wanted to show their 'best stuff', so the quality of the music and recordings is quite high.

All compositions are copyrighted, all rights reserved, by the individual artists.

NOTE: The actual audio files have been taken offline to respect copyright issues. If you want access to a particular file, send email to me@timthompson.com .

Reflecting our enthusiasm for the new technologies available to us at the time, detailed liner notes are available for all of the pieces, describing the equipment and techniques used for each piece.

To display the liner notes, click here.

Mostly MIDI : Tape Number 1 (1988)

Twinkle Tune   Tim Thompson © Tim Thompson
Get the House Pump   Bob Neumann and Roz Baker © Bob Neumann and Roz Baker
Canal Street   Audrey and Kyle Burson © Audrey and Kyle Burson
Destiny Calls   Jim Collymore © Jim Collymore
Skylight   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker
It's All in Who You Know   Guy Story © Guy Story
Akem I   Craig Cleaveland © Craig Cleaveland
Bus Trip   Stew Lindenberger © Stew Lindenberger
Devil Sky, Angel Moon   David W. Arberman, Bill Fox © David W. Arberman, Bill Fox
Warble   Naim Mowatt © Naim Mowatt
Arpe   Tom Duff © Tom Duff
Fat City   Nat Goodspeed and Topher Gayle © Nat Goodspeed and Topher Gayle
Bubble Jam   Steve Schreiber © Steve Schreiber
3AM Soggy Diaper Blues   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker
Take My Love   Bob Neumann © Bob Neumann
Last Call   Tim Thompson © Tim Thompson
First View of Earth   Jim Collymore © Jim Collymore
Trickle Down Theory in Practice   Craig Cleaveland © Craig Cleaveland
Copyright Notice   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker

Mostly MIDI : Take 2 (1989)

Let 'em Roll   Guy Story © Guy Story
Caffeine-Based Life Form   Tim Thompson © Tim Thompson
The Son   Marty Askinazi © Marty Askinazi
You Mean That's It   Bob Neumann © 1989 Bob Neumann
Sat-on-a-Cat   Sammy Guthrie, Tom Michel, Steve Schreiber, Bob Kirby © Sammy Guthrie, Tom Michel, Steve Schreiber, Bob Kirby
12-String Solace   Phil Vourtsis © Phil Vourtsis
Dance of Rejoicing   Jim Collymore © Jim Collymore
Gam   Tom Duff © Tom Duff
Little Bang Theory   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker
Nadia Rag   Mike Knudsen © Mike Knudsen
Broken Promises   Christopher Gayle & Nat Goodspeed © Christopher Gayle & Nat Goodspeed
Speechless   Bill Fox © 1984, Bill Fox
White Water   Neil Weinstock © Neil Weinstock
The FireBrand   Peter Giacomini © Peter Giacomini
Song in the Key of Wood   Bill Burnette © Bill Burnette
ASAP (Ag and Steve at Play)   Ag Primatic & Steve Falco © Ag Primatic & Steve Falco
RT1   Howard Moscovitz © Howard Moscovitz
Talk Box Rap   Eugene Beer © Eugene Beer
Dogwood   Dan Vanevic © Dan Vanevic
Syncreation   Steve Michelson © Steve Michelson
Timeout; First Try   Mark Johnson © Mark Johnson
Miniature Wind Trio   Rick McGowan © Rick McGowan
ARABLUZ   Stew Lindenberger © Stew Lindenberger

Mostly MIDI : Thirds (1991)

Time   John David Miller © John David Miller
REACTOVATE -6 !   Bob Neumann © Bob Neumann
Naughty 900 #s (The Ballad of Toby and Francine)   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is   Victoria Parks and Bill Fox (It's Them!) © 1987 Victoria Parks, licensed by BMI, and (p) 1991, It's Them!
Woman with a Past   Guy Story © Guy Story
Madness Express   Topher Gayle and Nat Goodspeed © 1977 Nathaniel R. Goodspeed
I Can't Wait (Must Trust Fate)   Donald Gotfryd © Donald Gotfryd
Dance Close to Me   James L. Collymore © James L. Collymore
Paganini Variations   Dick Hamilton © Dick Hamilton
Tang8   Dan Vanevic © Dan Vanevic
Daytona Racer   Ed Federmeyer © Ed Federmeyer
New York   Bert Olsson and Frank Romand © Bert Olsson and Frank Romand
Arius   Peter Giacomini © Peter Giacomini
Autograph   Tim Thompson © Tim Thompson
An Overture to the Persian Gulf War: The Ballad and Disembowelment of Saddam Hussein   Steve Michelson © Steve Michelson
Natives   Phil Vourtsis © Phil Vourtsis
Morse Code   Sam Mullins © Sam Mullins
Rnode   Tom Michel, Steve Schreiber, and Bob Kirby © Tom Michel, Steve Schreiber, and Bob Kirby
Almost Spring   Jay Gabin and Ahmad Abdel-Wahed © Jay Gabin and Ahmad Abdel-Wahed
Dan Ryan Rush   Mike Knudsen © Mike Knudsen
Oh Boy   Mark A. Johnson © Mark A. Johnson
RECUR 1   Howard Moscovitz © Howard Moscovitz
Copyright Notice   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker

Mostly MIDI : Only In It for the MIDI (1992)

Heaventh Seven   Bill Burnette © Bill Burnette
I Disconnect   George Demarest © George Demarest
Spring Meadow   Eric S. Crawley © Eric S. Crawley
Eyes of the Warlock   Pete Giacomini, Nancy Levine © 1992 N. Levine/P. Giacomini
Halcyon Days   Neil Weinstock © Neil Weinstock
State Machine   Tim Thompson © Tim Thompson
Mi Cinco Centavos   John Helton © John Helton
Day of Reckoning   Allen Ginsberg © Allen Ginsberg
Heaven's Parting Wide   Jim Collymore © Jim Collymore
Prologue   Steve Klinkner © Steve Klinkner
Alligator Whoredown Chorus   Conolly, Gayle, Goodspeed © 1989 Conolly, Gayle, Goodspeed
Let Me In - Take 900   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker
Street Man   David Arberman, Victoria Parks, Bill Fox © David Arberman, Victoria Parks, Bill Fox
Find a Way   Beatbox-D (Neumann, Baker and Mullins) © Beatbox-D (Neumann, Baker and Mullins)
Betsy   David Nason © David Nason
Sonata in Two Movements   Dick Hamilton © Dick Hamilton
2andFro   Howard Moscovitz © Howard Moscovitz
Cyborg Children of Vatar   Eugene Beer © Eugene Beer
A Programmer's Song   Greg Youngdahl © Greg Youngdahl
The Homely Coed   Mike Knudsen © Mike Knudsen
Situation   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker

Mostly MIDI : Tape95 (1995)

Katie in Winter   Keith McFarlane © Keith McFarlane
Memphis is Calling Me Home   David Nason © David Nason
Take My Love   Bob Neumann & Roz Baker © Bob Neumann & Roz Baker
On a Treadmill   Pete Giacomini © 1993 Levine/Giacomini
Friendly Phases   Tim Thompson © Tim Thompson
Headhunt   Tim Paige © Tim Paige
Bayona   John Pittas © John Pittas
Wasn't for Savin'   John Helton © John Helton
Frances, an Artistic Rag   Mike Knudsen © Mike Knudsen
The Journey   Greg Youngdahl © Greg Youngdahl
CyberSamba   Dave Tutelman © Dave Tutelman
Teapot Tempest   John A. Krallmann © John A. Krallmann
Wind Junky   Topher Gayle © Topher Gayle
Going To Miami   Dan Vanevic © Dan Vanevic
Yopurr   Stan Kobylanski © Stan Kobylanski
Simple Things (Not Satisfied)   Tom Cliff © Tom Cliff
Odonian Dance   Duane Bowker © Duane Bowker
Merlinade   Juergen Herre © Juergen Herre
EC101   Bill Fox © Bill Fox