This toy is very open-ended. You specify a series of transformations on a musical phrase. The initial musical phrase, on which the transformations are performed, is obtained by taking the letters of a word (the initial word is "init"). The transformations are then applied in sequence, one after another. Initially there are no transformations in the list - you should specify a new transformation and then add it to your list. Every time you add a transformation (or edit an existing transformation), the entire chain will be re-evaluated, and the MIDI phrase (shown in piano-roll format) at the top of the page will show the new result. There is a large selection of transformations to choose from. Using this one requires imagination and experimentation, but the results can be quite interesting. This one gives you a little flavor of the things you can do, algorithmically, with KeyKit.

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A Few Hints . . .

  • Choose transformations like 'Echo' to add more notes
  • Use the Pick control to randomly select the notes to affect.
  • You can modify (and delete) transformations in the list of transformations you've already added.