A collaborative interface for mining musical nuggets.

How it typically works:
  • Nuggets of music (MP3 or MIDI) are uploaded to the 'Nuggets' area.
  • Composers take those nuggets and create new music in any way they see fit.
  • Composers upload their 'works-in-progress' (MP3 or MIDI) to a 'Trinkets' area to get comments, or to allow other composers to use what they've developed.
  • Final pieces of music (MP3 or MIDI) are uploaded to the 'Gems' area.
You need to get a login name. in order to to upload new files or to add comments. Send any questions/suggestions to tjt@nosuch.com.

SHARE_San_Jose 1 nugget
1 trinket
1 gem
3961 days ago
An area where SHARE San Jose folks can upload things.
Testing_1_2_3 4 nuggets
7486 days ago
An area for playing around. You should be able to upload as many files as you like, here. In other words, if you just want to try out the interface, and don't want to screw up any of the "real" areas, you can play with things here.