Computer/OS:WIN95, WIN3.1Year:1991 (prototype version), 1997 (commercial version)
Author:IRIS s.r.l.Manipulates:audio, MIDI
Paper:Andrenacci, P., Armani, F., Bessegato, R., Paladin, A., Pisani, P., Prestigiacomo, A., Rosati, C., Sapir, S., Vetuschi, M., The New MARS Workstation, ICMC Proceedings, pp 215-219, Thessalonikas, 1997
Description:MARS is a development system for realtime Digital Signal Processing techniques, sound synthesis, filters and sound effects. Sound and MIDI environments can be developped which allow it to be used as a MIDI musical instrument. MARS is a system for audio research, musical production and the education of computer music, for people who like a programmable and flexible sound machine with realtime performance.