OpenMusic (OM)
Computer/OS:Mac OSYear:1997
Author:Gérard Assayag and Carlos Agon with Olivier DelerueManipulates:MIDI, audio, symbolic notation and ASCII files
Description:OpenMusic is a highly visual environment for the composer on the Macintosh. While drawing benefit from the huge amount of knowledge and experience gathered around the PatchWork software, OpenMusic implements a set of radically new features that make it a second generation compositional software. Based on Digitool Macintosh Common Lisp, OpenMusic provides a visual programming interface to Lisp programming as well as to CLOS (Common Lisp Object System). Thus OpenMusic is an Object Oriented (OO) environment. Objects are symbolized by icons that may be dragged and dropped all around. Most operations are then performed by dragging an icon from a particular place and dropping it to an other place. These places include the OpenMusic Workspace as well as the Macintosh finder itself. A lot of classes implementing musical data / behaviour are provided. They are associated with graphical editors and may be extended by the user to meet specifical needs. Different representation of a musical process are handled among which common notation, midi piano-roll, sound signal. High level in-time organisation of the music material is proposed through the " maquette " concept.