SuperCollider Server
Computer/OS:Macintosh OSX, Linux (Windows in development)Year:2003
Author:James McCartneyManipulates:Audio (some MIDI)
Description:A successor to SuperCollider 2 for Macintosh OS9. Synthesis takes place in a separate process (the server), controlled by OSC messages generated by a client. Any software that can produce OSC messages can be used to control the client, however. The library of sound-processing functions is now implemented as C++ plugins to the server, allowing users to write their own using the server API. SC Server includes a client whose language is similar to SC 2, but is extended with some borrowing from functional programming notation. It features powerful data manipulation classes and multi-threading for algorithmic composition. GUI, MIDI in/out, HID (joystick/other) input, Wacom tablet input are also supported. Optimized for real-time, live-performance scenarios.