MusicDNA Composer
Computer/OS:Cross-platform (web application)Year:2006
Author:Jason RienziManipulates:MIDI, Sheet Music
Description:MusicDNA Composer is a web-based application for the creation of tonal music. Composers use a simple API to create melodies, harmonies and counterpoint, from the simplest single-voice piano song all the way up to a symphony. Code is compiled into both MIDI and sheet music in PNG and PDF format, which can be downloaded or displayed directly through the browser. The output can therefore be easily synthesized or performed by instrumentalists. The language "knows" basic harmony and counterpoint, and can take care of much of the calculation necessary in programming if the composer chooses. Themes or melodies can be pulled out into functions and shared among composers, thus allowing them to collaborate in the same way that programmers do. Since the songs are stored on the MusicDNA servers, you can also edit your compositions from anywhere. The site also allows you to store MP3s, MIDIs, sheet music or other media, so that you may give out the URL to your creations.