AML - Algorithmic Music Language
Computer/OS:CP/M, Apple IIYear:1982
Author:Ray Jurgens - Electronic Arts Research (EAR)Manipulates:
Description:AML consisted of an interpreter and a compiler. The compiler was written in and used a lobotomized version of the Digital Research MAC assembler. The compiler generated code that was read by the interpreter. The AML interpreter was written in Intel 8080 assembly language. The interpreter created up to 8 virtual machines that drove analog synthesizers using various D/A and A/D hardware. Each virtual machine consisted of a stack oriented computer that processed code specifically designed for generating music. The instruction set consisted various operators for manipulating the stacks, reading note lists, computing note lists in real-time and drawing pseudo random numbers including fractals. A version supporting MIDI was the final development, and this version ran on an Apple 2 computer equipped with an Intel 8080 board which talked to a Roland MPU-401 MIDI interface. A wide range of students and composers in the LA area used this system, many through the UCLA extension program. LA Composer Jeff Rona wrote several works for AML, and it was first demonstrated in Denton TX with his "Step Music" with dancers Sean Green and Dianna McNeil. There is an article in the ICMC proceedings for the Denton conference.