The PLUM (Programming Languages Used for Music) list is maintained as a service for those who, like me, are interested in programming languages that are used for a musical purpose. The initial content was based on a list that Carter Scholz compiled and posted to netnews in 1991.

There are a wide variety of languages used for music. Some are conventional programming languages that have been enhanced with libraries and environments for use in musical applications. Others are specialized languages developed explicitly for music.

The focus of the entries in this list is on the languages, and not on particular applications. In other words, a musical application written in a particular programming language does not immediately qualify for inclusion in the list, unless the application is specifically intended to enhance the use of that language for musical development by other programmers.

Special thanks go to people who have provided significant comments and information for this list: Bill Schottstaedt, Dave Phillips, and Carter Scholz.

Corrections to existing entries and suggestions for improving the list should be mailed to the PLUM maintainer:

Tim Thompson
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