What is it?

MultiMultiTouchTouch (MMTT) is a program I wrote that talks to a 3D camera (such as the Microsoft Kinect or the Intel/Creative Senz3D) and sends out TUIO/OSC messages for tracking the movement of your hands (or other objects). The most well-known use of the program is the Space Palette. Here's a page with some of the original versions shown in 2011. MMTT is often used in combination with a frame, as demonstrated in the Space Palette. Training on a new frame (with any number of holes of any shape) is very easy: put the frame in front of the camera, use a browser-based interface to adjust a few parameters, stick your hand once in each hole, and save the configuration. Each hole then becomes a 3D multitouch surface - the X, Y, and Z (depth) position of every hand (or object) is tracked and transmitted using TUIO over OSC.

MMTT only runs on Windows (7 or 8). The install package is large - almost 500 megabytes - because it includes all the prerequsite drivers for both the Kinect and Senz3D, as well as Processing which is needed for running some sample applications. Here's the install package:


After installing it, use the Start menu and look in

All Programs->Nosuch Media->MultiMultiTouchTouch

If you're on Windows 8 and don't have a Start Menu (what the hell was Microsoft thinking!?), look in:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Nosuch Media\MultiMultiTouchTouch

There's a README there, and the second slideset below has a "quick start" and other useful info for using MMTT. I used these slidesets in a workshop showing people how to use MultiMultiTouchTouch:

mmtt_workshop1.pdf - Details about on 3D input and the Space Palette

mmtt_workshop2.pdf - Details about using the MultiMultiTouchTouch software

MMTT is open-source. The Github repository is:


Any questions, email me (literally) at timthompson.com.