What is it?

It's an instrument that uses the Microsoft Kinect to provide any number of multitouch surfaces in mid-air. It used to be called MultiMultiTouchTouch, but that name now refers only to the program that talks to the Kinect and sends out TUIO/OSC messages. The actual instrument which uses that program to do music (and now visuals) is called the Space Palette. Here's a YouTube video showing the first version in action:

I gave a presentation about it at the Kinect Meetup on March 22, 2011, and here are the slides. Here's a YouTube video where I talk about how it works.

Version 2!

Here's some pictures of Version 2, which is larger and sturdier. Also shown is a shade structure intended to make it usable during the day at events like Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. At some point, I'm going to try to put programmable LEDs on it to provide visual feedback.

The software is available

The program which talks to the Kinect and sends out TUIO/OSC messages is now available for anyone to use. See http://multimultitouchtouch.com/dist. You can use the software without a frame; see the documentation that comes with the program for details.

It's going to Burning Man!

I applied and got accepted as a small theme camp at Burning Man 2011. We'll be at 3:00 and Birthday. There's a plaza at 3&B ; we won't be in the plaza, but we'll be on Birthday somewhere on either side of the plaza. I'll have a shade structure set up so that the Space Palette can be used during the day as well as at night.