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  Before there were CDs, there were cassettes. These recordings are from a cassette called Octave++ that I did in 1994. The only copies distributed were hand-made. Most of the pieces were redone as part of my Prototypical CD, but there are several pieces here (Renaissance Ninja and Sunrise/Another Day) that do not appear on Prototypical, and ironically they are some of my best compositions. It will be a shame if I never re-do them, but it is also likely that I will never recapture the sound in those pieces that you hear here.

All compositions are © 1994 by Tim Thompson, all rights reserved.

Mostly MIDI : Octave++ (1994)

Renaissance Ninja   This is one of my best compositions. Wonderfully tasteful guitar licks are added by Dick Hamilton.
Sunrise / Another Day   One of my favorite and more emotional pieces, albeit with quirky sounds. This was back in the days when all I had was a Korg Poly 800, a Yamaha CS01, and a little programmable drum machine whose name I've forgotten. The sounds are initially quite cheezy, but it evolves into a melodic anthem and sound (the 'chime-like' organ sound and the lead synth that soars) that I really like, and I suspect I will never be able to recapture it. This is two songs put back-to-back. Another Day has a beautiful melody - a cheezy sound, but good vibrato control. It actually has some good words to go with the melody, if I can ever remember them all.
Twinkle Tune   This used a Roland D110 (organ, brass, flutes, drums), TX81Z (melody thing), Kurzweil 1000PX (piano) and was recorded using keynote 3.0 on an AT&T PC6300/OP-4001. Mixed direct to a 2-track through a Roland DEP-5 reverb/chorus. Recorded in small pieces, put together with quantization and tweaking by keynote.
Caffeine-Based Life Form   Done with an AT&T 6386 WGS computer running UNIX and X windows, using Keynote 4.0 software. Most of the sounds are from a Roland D110, with help from a Yamaha TX81Z and Kurzweil 1000PX. Mixed direct to 2-track through a Roland DEP-5. This is my original recording of this piece. It was re-recorded for the Prototypical CD.
State Machine   This is the second recording/arrangement of this piece - the Prototypical version is the *third* one. This one is done with a single Waldorf MicroWave, recorded through a Roland DEP5 direct to DAT using Keynote 5.0 on a 33 Mhz 486 under SVR4.
Autograph   This is the original recording of Autograph, but since it uses a single TX81Z, it sounds pretty much identical to the version on Prototypical.
Stock Answer #1   This piece is a stream-of-conciousness thing, with lots of algorithmic help from KeyKit. .
Group Effort   The original recording of this algorithmic piece.
Last Call   One of my more emotional pieces. This one sounds like it has words, but doesn't.
Hypercube - Live   A live version of Hypercube (meaning I played it with my own two hands), performed at the party where I showed Keynote 5.0 in its only public appearance.
Shameless Boogie - Live   A live version, performed at the same party.