On September 15, 2001, I again participated in the Woodstockhausen event, performing a live improvisation called "Oops, I made a typo()". Here's an mp3 file of the performance, and here are the program notes:

  A live improvisation using a typing keyboard as the only form of input and control. Keystrokes (up and down) are interpreted by a function named typo() written in the KeyKit programming language, and MIDI output is generated. The keyboard will be played like an instrument, with real time input of melodies and rhythms that are looped, layered, and transformed.

The equipment I used was about half the size of the rack I used in 2000, and was placed on the ground in front of me. I just sat there with a qwerty keyboard in my lap, typing away. Here's a picture of me onstage:


Here's some more pictures of Woodstockhausen 2001. Here is the complete program for the event, and here are mp3 files for all the music at Woodstockhausen 2001.