On August 17, 2002, I again participated in the Woodstockhausen event, performing a piece called Happy Feet. Here are the program notes:

  Four Playstation Dance Pads are the only means of control in this improvisational piece. The dance pads are connected via USB to a notebook PC, and KeyKit-based software responds immediately to the use of each pad (or use of several pads simultaneously). The music of Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" is used as input to a variety of algorithmic processes, some of which are inspired by scratching techniques.

I performed the piece in total darkness, with my pants outlined by "Cool Neon" Electroluminescent Wire, so it looked like torso-less legs were walking around. Halfway through, I turned on a multi-colored flashing belt. The audience enjoyed the piece a lot. The equipment I used was was a notebook PC, a Korg TR-Rack synth, and 4 playstation dance pads. Here's what the pads look like:


Here's some of my pictures and Steve Klinkner's pictures of Woodstockhausen 2002. Here is the complete program for the event, describing all the performances and performers.